Snowflake French Press
Golden Holiday Spoon
Coffee Beans Whole
& Ground


I didn’t drink it as a kid, and I remember my Mother’s “coffee breath”. Ha. Love you, Mom. I drink it plenty now as a Mom, so I get it.

Often, I see the coffee drinks now and I think they look like cakes in a cups. Or a Dessert Drive thru. Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE ME Some Frozen Espresso with Dark Chocolate and whipped cream on top…..and I LOVE The Heavy Cream we serve at the Café with Our Buttermilk Coffee. Doesn’t mean the cream is good for me though. But, I do Love it!

Have you ever take the time to look at the History of Coffee? Where it came from? How did THIS SPECIFIC Cup that you are drinking come together? Did the Cinnamon Birds add to the story that you are drinking? Did the Chocolate or Vanilla Bean grow just perfectly to arrive in your cup? Who picked them? When? How did they travel? By air, rail, or road?

The Bean I use in my home, is also sold at my families café in the town that we live. Through following the History of this bean I was able to meet the Grandson, to the Founder of the Company that supplies our coffee. The Pride that I saw in him when he told me about how when he was young, he would go to service the Coffee Machines with his grandfather. The Company was Founded in the 1920s. Its an honor to serve good coffee, from good people, made by good people, served with Love to good people.

This particular Bean we serve is Colombian.

Wow…..I have Never Been There…..but somehow the ground grew a bean….and it traveled all the way to my HANDS. I have the Honor of caring for it. I think of Jack and the Beanstalk….and how his 5 little Beans Grew into a Giant Bean Stalk that Grew High Into the Sky where the Giants live. A Bean Can Dream. It can Be ANY THING It wants to Be.

Coffee can save, Coffee Talks are Important. It is a great way to unite and talk and offer comfort…so is Tea…The History on Tea….Wow…I am in Love with this Study of the Beauty Around Us.

Think about how many people we could help just by taking the time to Gather for a Great Cup of Coffee.

Order your coffee from our Family

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The Holiday Golden Spoon

Moving Movie

T-shirt Fundraiser

Today is a Great Day.

Today, I have the pleasure of taking my 3 year old to his VERY FIRST MOVIE Outing. We are headed to see Toy Story 4 at a Fundraiser at Alamo Draft House.

He and I have been talking about it for days. I just picked out his clothes, while he is napping. Thank goodness for his nap, so we can both in a better place. I’m not quite sure if he will make it through the entire movie, but oh well….we got to start some day. TODAY is That Day.

As I am getting ready, I am overwhelmed by tears. I look at my sweet boy napping, and look at the cute clothes I’ve chosen for him and can’t help but think about the fact that somewhere in this town, is another Mom….Also picking out clothes for her son to go to this movie. Only for her, she is bringing her son to the movie tonight because the Fundraiser is in his honor and to support their family. My Sons First Movie Outing, may be one her Sons Last Movie Outings. He was recently sent home from St. Jude’s and is currently in need of a miracle. Tonight’s Event is to help celebrate this summer with his family and to help make their time together more enjoyable and feel supported by a community.

I have raised money for St. Jude’s for along time. We did it at my last job. I would rally my teams, and come up with contests to get all excited to help raise money. Not gonna lie, on many days I felt like I didn’t do enough. I have seen families come and talk to groups before, but never have I had the pleasure of joining a family at the movies with their child. This will be a night of several Firsts, and several Lasts.

Isaac wants to be a United States Army Soldier when he grows up. Tonight they had him inducted into the Army by the Commander and crew. They gave him a camo jacket with his name on it and you could see the joy in his face.

One of the things this child has wanted to see in his life is SNOW. Its July – In Texas…..and I hear that tonight…There Will Be Snow. I am very honored to be a part of this event.

If it can Snow in Texas in July…..then I pray more Miracles can come to this family.

Thank you Abbie, and Moms of New Braunfels for loving others the way you do.

Thank you to the many Sponsors of tonight and to the MANY Hands that Have and Will Continue to given Love to this Family.

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Lady Ginger

What do you think of when you hear the word Ginger?

Red Heads? Gilligan’s Island? Sushi?

All of these are true.

When I started reading about Ginger, I didn’t think it would get me on the Elizabethan Era but I have been in the Land of Kings and Queens with Ginger for days now.

Ginger has long been around, and used many centuries for medicinal and digestion aid. The term “give it some zing” comes from something inside ginger called Zingibain. It is the part in Ginger that aids with the digestion of protein. No wonder it is served with sushi. This is making me want to do an entire series on condiments, garnishes, and why they actually exist. Ginger has been around to aid the digestion of protein. Wow. Makes perfect since as to why it was made into Ginger~Ale, and Ginger~Beer. All of that aids in digestion. I believe where some error comes in to the picture is when Soda Companies say they are a Ginger Ale- but when you read the label it is made with Ginger Flavor and High Fructose Corn Syrup. I do not believe that is the intention of Ginger Ale. Histories of Sodas and ingredients, well that’s a whole ‘nother series.

Queen Elizabeth I of England, was the first to serve the Ginger Bread Man cookie to some guests. I find this fascinating. The child in me sees Shrek, and Cinderella in my mind. Queen Elizabeth I, lost her mother when she was under 3. She was not in line to be Queen as there were several in line before her. She became Queen when she was 25, and chose to Rule by Good, and ruled for 44 years. It was she, that helped bring the Ginger Bread Man to life! ….But Who made them? Where did she see them? Were they in a market? who were her chefs? Ginger Bread had been around quite awhile before her reign.

Did you know they still serve Ginger Bread Christmas cookies at the Royal Palace? Is it the same recipe? Wow.

Ginger Beer aids in digestion and uses Ginger, sugar, yeast, and fermentation. Would be great to celebrate the Ginger Festival in Ireland while drinking a ginger beer! They were served in pharmacies and drug stores….hence the old soda fountain shops.

The part of digestion and wellness I think many miss, is when we started mass producing many of these items. It expanded and they keep growing brands but didn’t have enough product to actually follow though. Mass production is important for many things, but it also cuts out on the part of service that aids in digestion. Imagine someone coming in and talking to the person behind the counter, we mix a fresh Ginger Ale for you and talk. All that plays into public health.

Its not just a pill or a supplement.

Look into the old art of making tea and sharing it with a guest in your HOME. Ginger Tea is a GREAT place to start.

Buy 1 root. Just 1.

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Ginger Root
Peel it with a spoon

Mommas Lemonade

Momma’s Lemonade

Happy July 4th and Happy Summer and Happy New Moon!

Here is a new Lemonade that my toddler helped me make and we both enjoyed him drinking. I have been on a journey this week and learning all about spices. Today I was spending the day with Lady Ginger, and made Ginger Tea/ Water this morning.

I set aside and put in fridge. Later a friend, asked me about turmeric tea. I made that, and set aside. Then my kiddo asked me for lemonade. I thought…hey….maybe this will work.

Honey+ Lemon+ Ginger+ Turmeric+ Water=

Momma’s Lemonade

He drank it and I did! No JOKE- When he drank it he said “MOM, This is a Magical Drink! It makes your food come back to your mouth”. After everything that I have been learning this week about The Golden Lady of Turmeric, Lady Ginger, and the Spice Wars…I LOVE That his reaction was this.

Their History runs deep and is truly Magical!

Add Strawberries and Blueberries for Holiday and Season Joy!

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Momma’s Lemonade
Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon, Honey, Water.


Lady Cinnamon

Why Lady Cinnamon, I had no idea.

They kept your whereabouts hidden to protect you.

There were amazing stories told about you to keep people away. “True Cinnamon” Cinnamomum Verum ~ was said to be guarded by winged serpants ~ dragons. These serpants were referred to by Aristotle, and Herodutus as Cinnamon Birds.

This is Amazing to me. Cinnamon Birds?!?!

The old story goes …. There were these Giant Cinnamon Birds and they made their nest of large cinnamon trees and sticks. The Natives would cut large animals to attract the birds, and they would fly the heavy meat to the nest. The nests would become so full that they would fall off the cliff and the tribe would collect all the broken bits off the ground below.

Egypt – well there you were used in embalming mummies.

Jean de Joinville told people you were fished out of the nets at the source of the Nile.

This was all done to protect the source and to control the spice trade. After they controlled the monopoly for years, cinnamon began being harvested elsewhere. I wonder what it was like for the people of Sri Lanka. Were they hurt to control this cost?

In a video, I watched a man chop the sticks down by hand with a machete, and hand strip the outside of the tree. Then peel layers of the bark off and leave to them to dry. I’ve seen cinnamon several times, used the ground cinnamon my entire life, never have I really thought about the fact that it was a tree. A tree that someone looked at and said, I bet I can make one of the worlds most sought after spices there is. I wonder what the first use of that spice was like. I have much more respect for Lady Cinnamon after spending this time studying her journey.

Thank you to all who have personally touched this spice and brought it forth to the world. May we use it with good intentions and it bring warm spirits to our homes.

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Cinnamon Sticks


Her Majesty Queen Clove

A Clove.

A Clove of…

Lets talk about the Queen of Clove.

Evidently, she has been around for a very long time.

One of the first to be traded.

At one point, she was so sought after that she was considered to be ” Worth her weight in gold”. There is a great read on which they dive deeper into history, uses, and more. I had been researching clove for a bit, but when I read the story about Magellan’s ship returning to Spain and they all wanting the Nutmeg and Clove on board, it clicked for me. The Pirates Booty and Treasure did not have to actually be Gold and Gems, but it could be spices and other beauties.

This intrigued me so I read on. The Clove is Native to the Molucca Islands….Spice Islands. Each Evergreen Tree that produces the clove, is planted there to signify the Birth of a Child. The Life of the child is connected to the Life of the Tree. How Beautiful. How Sad and Terrifying for a People when others came and started burning down trees to control the Spice Trade and prices.This is what led me to read on more about the Spice Wars. What? These stories span over a 60 year war to include stories of the Kingdom of Kandy, and The Sugar War. Wow. How rude of me to just grab a spice, and use it without knowing its History and Story of how it got in my home. How many Loves Lost due to the individual seeds and grains of spice in my hands.

Her Majesty Queen Clove- Well, looks like she helped start some pretty big events. I am not sure who she is, I do not know the first man or woman that used this and discovered its healing and nutritional properties. To my knowledge there Is not a Clove Festival each year where they celebrate its History. I feel like in many ways these Wars shaped a lot of what we see today. Very interesting journey.

How do you use Clove? Have you ever held one? Have you ever tried to grind it yourself and make a Chai Tea from scratch? When you do….think about each spice that goes into the brew. Think about all the stories that come together into that one cup of tea. Drink it in. Breathe it in. Share it and make it for others. Invite them in. Use the strength of their journey to fuel yours.

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Chai Basket
Dominican Handmade Tea Pot


The Golden Lady

A few years back, visions of The Golden Lady came to me. I tried to paint her some but I am incomplete with that journey. I still see her forming in my mind. Turmeric seems to be calling me.

Her color is unlike many things. She is beautiful and smooth when dried and ground. When she is in her under ground Moon form she roots and gathers many nutrients from the earth and brings them upside, Sun side to bloom into a Beautiful Flower.

Her color is Golden and each year at the Bhandara Festival in Jejuri Maharashtra, the Golden Spice is thrown into the into the skies and covers the entire town, everyone and thing in gold. This is to celebrate Victories over Demons. In Celebration of the Sun God. Living in Texas all I can think about is that time of year when the pollen covers everything in Yellow. Or at parades when they throw Glitter and Sparkles into the sky….a Gold Firework.

Today I am making my very first Turmeric Tea. Starting in its simplest form of boil- simmer water and ground turmeric, add honey and lemon. Next will be making a form of turmeric chai tea I read about. Starting with plain bc I want to know what it tastes like and heard it was nice cold.

I held up a jar of tumeric the other to a kiddo that comes to our home. He said, Is that Macaroni and Cheese powder? I giggled, but he is so correct. From the mouths of babes. For many years Mac and Cheese powder version had a Yellow or color dye in the powder. Now they have switched many to contain turmeric and paprika. Same for jars of pickles. Some contain the Yellow dye, and some contain tumeric. Read the boxes and jars of the foods you purchase. Just start becoming aware.

Why turmeric? You can read about it in many books, blogs, and magazines. It has been around and stood the test of time. No matter how much someone tells you its good for you, tastey and easy to make…no one but YOU can choose to try it.

Try it in a curry, especially made by someone that has love in their heart… will be a fan.

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It was actually perfect just tumeric and water

Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnet Seeds
Golden Spoon
Handmade Felt Flowers

Have you ever driven by a field of Texas Bluebonnets?

Everytime, I say how much I Love Them. They are so pretty, and I tell my husband that I want them at our home. They do not last very long. When they pop up, you will see all sorts of families pulled over taking their Annual Bluebonnet photo. We have yet to ever do this as a family.

They are the Texas State Flower and as a kid we were told it was illegal to pick them. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, there is no law against picking the flower. However, you cant just go trampsing on people’s private property to pick them, don’t dig up dirt, and some more stuff you can read about.

These seeds came from my Mother in Love’s Home. MIL aka Nonnie’s House. She lives in a beautiful home in Texas and she gave me these seeds. Funny- I have never thought about planting my own until this year.

Early October is best time to get them in the ground, according to Looks like an amazing project that I will do with my kiddo this year. Suggested to rub the seeds with sand paper and even freeze them, and then to pour boiling water on them! Evidently this is called to “Scarify the Seeds”. Ha Scarify. BOO!

I scarified you! Yes I agree, sand paper, freezing, and boiling water on me would Scarify the Bluebonnet out of me also. This sounds like a fun Halloween Project.

The Beautiful Felt Texas Bluebonnet was made here locally by a woman here in New Braunfels, Texas. I love them. This way I am able to have them in my home and even pair them in some gift baskets. That will make a great project or class as well!

The Golden Spoon, well that’s from my Mamaws Collection. My personal stash of beautiful and used hand ware utensils. To me the are art. They are not only Beauty, they have been held and used by so many Beautiful souls.

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Pickle Party

Pickles ingredients in the Raw💚

Pickling- this is not a new concept. This is kind of like re-inventing the wheel and not at the same time. There are a ton of recipes listed out there for pickles so choose your path. You can grow a pickle garden, or buy veggies and make your own. You can buy your favorite from your favorite deli or farm shelf. You may travel the world and be a Pickle Perfectionist, and have grown up eating pickle juice snow cones. Or you may not like them. All is welcome here.

The ingredients to me are pretty amazing in their simple forms.


History – been in use for centuries and a go to for digestion and health issues in general. It is a product of fermentation made from grapes or rice.

Festival and Museum in Rosyln, South Dakota where the Vinegar Queen is crowned yearly.

Uses- So many. From digestion, to cleaning your home. It makes a natural cleaner for you home and body while not adding toxic chemicals to your environment. Dressings, Marinades, Pickling, Fermenting, Kombucha, Baths, and soaks.

Types- Red Wine, White, Apple Cider, Balsamic, Rice, Malt, and more. So great, and each is different and have wonderful uses.

Ways my Mom used it- made all our dressing in our home. Reduced Balsamic over chicken and veggies, made sliced cucumber and onion salads, and washed the chlorine green residue out of my hair from being a blond and swimming in our pool. Seen on a deep sea fishing boat labeled as “Sea Sick Pills”

Mustard Seed

History- Documented use for centuries. Globally

Museum of Mustard in Middleton, Wisconsin. Where it is named the “King of Condiments”

Types- White, Yellow, Brown, Black

Uses- Grind into a powder , mix with vinegar and water to make homemade mustard and other spices and marinades.

Ways my Mom used it- I don’t think she made anything with it. I am sure she used mustard powder in soups and other things, but I do not remember seeing the seed this in our home.

Fresh Dill

History- Documented use for centuries. Globally

Festival- There is a Pickle Festival in Cleveland, Ohio Live Music, Pickle Eating Contest, Free Admission

Uses- Cure Salmon and other fish, dressings, breads, marinades, pickling. Antibacterial. helpful against staph and other ailments. Soothe digestion, antibacterial.

Ways my mom used it – Dill Bread, Dill Dressing, Pickled Cucumbers


History documented use for centuries. Globally

Festival Gilroy, California

Think Garlic Fajitas and garlic Ice Cream

Uses aids in healing, digestion, antibacterial, and more. Heart friendly food.

Ways I use it- chop and roast in oil, chop roast, grind, whole, I friggin Love Garlic.


History documented use for centuries. Globally.

Ginger Festival is not about the Root exactly but about a Festival for Red Heads in Ireland. This makes me very happy.

Uses Heart and Stomach friendly.

I don’t remember ginger root growing up. It has really only been something I’ve seen more of once I started eating sushi and they put pickled ginger on the side.


History documented use for centuries. Globally

Festival of Tumeric, at the Jejuri temple in Pune. The town is covered in the Gold Tumeric to celebrate victory over demons.

Uses anti- inflammatory, anti- microbial, Heart friendly.

I do not remember using this spice much. We did not make currys growin up, and I have yet to try tumeric milk but I’ve heard many love and drink it. This is the first month I have had it in my house.


History Documented use for centuries- Comes in all colors from white – black- pink- red

Uses- aids digestion and even combines great to aid digestion of tumeric. they work together to help be an anti- inflammatory.

It was just one of those items that stood next to salt.

Celery Seed

History documented use for centuries.

Festival Black Celery Festival in Trevi, Italy.


Festival Weslaco, Texas & Vidalia, Georgia


Festival Grand Saline, Texas


Festival Clewiston Sugar Festival started as a means to celebrate the end of sugar cane harvest season.

So basically- This pickling stuff goes way back and for very great reasons. It actually has food in raw forms that come together that help the body to function. It worked together with harvest season to help us preserve our crops to last through the year. General Stores and Trading Posts were here for us to buy ingredients so we could preserve and store our harvest. Full of spices. Think Oregon Trail. Think No refrigeration. Have you ever traveled to a place with no refrigeration? The Markets on some other countries are wonderful, one of the things I’d like to have here is a great spice store with open baskets and barrels of spices just like those markets.

We started mass producing food items because we sent our men to war. Women entered the work force, and we needed to feed our men away from home. I would think that may be somewhat true for many generations over. But if we are saying PEACE, END WARS and save the planet, then there are some things we will need to shift back to. Cooking, Preserving, Farming, etc…….that all comes with this survival. Don’t be to cool to learn something your Grandparents would be proud of.

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Mother Calling

Calling all Children- 
Spirits, Messengers, and Lovers of Life.
Calling all Birds to take flight.

Mother Earth is hurting.
And her shift we will feel.
Weather you worship the Sun, the Moon,
The Water, or Air.
Be you child of faith, education,
science, religion, or art.
Be you child of life, nurturing
heartbreak, or not.
Be you child of abuse or pain.
Be you child of glorified reign.
Mother is calling All of our names.

She is in need of help-
from her Sun and her Moon.
She is in need of help-
for her life to take bloom.
She cannot speak words
that the human can hear
She has to speak loudly
and she will speak clear.