The Golden Spoons

This week has been full of lessons. Old ones popping up as new. I have been searching for the secret in this world and turns out there are many surprises right in front of you.

My Mamaw has these Golden Spoons. We used them for years for holidays and gatherings. This week I had the honor of hosting a #PickleParty and at the last minute I grabbed my Mamaws spoons to take with me. I had the class hold the spoons and use them as we discussed the spices for pickling and all the healing properties in each spice.

The first spice that we spoke about was the Mustard Seed. I had plenty of trouble finding this particular spice. We ordered it from our purveyor and it didn’t come in! It made me look into mustard seed a bit more and in doing so I found out it was in the bible! The parable says that the Mustard seed is the smallest of the seeds planted but it grows into the largest tree for the birds high above to gather on. Wow…the smallest seed. When was the last time you held a mustard seed and gave it one minute of your time. Either looking at it, feeling it, or thinking about what it could become. I had a buddy that used to laugh at me bc I if I dropped one bit of food on the ground I would feel sorry for it. I told him, Oh No —that poor pea wont be able to grow up to become all it wanted to be.

I guess I have felt this way for awhile. Each seed, and person on this planet was made with a purpose. when was the last time you gave yourself time to reflect on you and what you could become?

Who told a seed it couldn’t grow up into something more?

Who told a spoon it shouldn’t be beautiful?

I’m here to help bring Beauty and Awareness to many people and places. Lets have fun sharing Love and Joy through food, history, and travel.

#MommaMarcy #GoldenSpoons #QueenofHearts

Published by marcymuzny

Fun Lovin Momma to a wonderful toddler, 2 kitties, 1 fishy, and a Lab. Wife to a Hard Workin' Man. Love this life I have been blessed with and want to share with others

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