Marcy the Muze

Greetings to all of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and to the many of you whom I hope to meet.

My name is Marcy Muzny. My bloodline runs deep with restaurant owners and business owners. I have been blessed with this life full of history and love….and food. I am one of the those lucky kids that grew up in a food family. We were taken out to eat and to chef conventions and food shows from an early age.

I choose to share here in Blog form to help bring awareness to the many struggles that face business owners and the restaurant industry. I will review great products, menus, travel, and spas.

I hope to help bring awareness by working together with business and non profits to help ease some stress form being alone in this journey.

Published by marcymuzny

Fun Lovin Momma to a wonderful toddler, 2 kitties, 1 fishy, and a Lab. Wife to a Hard Workin' Man. Love this life I have been blessed with and want to share with others

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