Simple Summer Salad

Romaine Lettuce Leaf
Seasonal Texas Peaches
Farm Ripened Strawberry
House Made Red Wine Vinegarette

Do you enjoy salad? Did you eat it as a kid? Lately, the Salad Bar has been on my mind. I used to LOVE to go to eat at this place growing up. They had the BEST Salad Bar. I believe it may have been where it was invented. They had ICE Cold Plates. It was so fun to be seated in your cool little table and then after we would order our meals…we got to get up and GO TO the Salad Bar. I feel funny saying it but— The Salad Bar may just be common practice now. Maybe you grew up in the day where a Salad Bar has always existed…..Well…in MY Day…..It didn’t. Lately, I have noticed some pretty SAD Salad Bars. Neglected bagged produce, pre cut, and put into not so pretty dishes on average plates. I have kinda felt bad for the Salad Bar Inventor. Is this what he would want?

Anyhow….here’s my Ode’ To Salad today by taking the time to hand tear romaine lettuce, slice 3 strawberrys, and a bit of peach. Dressing Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Water, Seasonings. Beauty. Simple. Fresh. Someone planted each seed, nurtured each piece of fruit, and cared for heads of lettuce…. that dared to grow up from the ground reaching for the sun, breathing the oxygen. We are what we eat. I Eat Love That was Given to Us by this Wonderful World We Live In.

#MommaMarcy #Salad #Love #EveryoneEats

Published by marcymuzny

Fun Lovin Momma to a wonderful toddler, 2 kitties, 1 fishy, and a Lab. Wife to a Hard Workin' Man. Love this life I have been blessed with and want to share with others

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