Mother Calling

Calling all Children- 
Spirits, Messengers, and Lovers of Life.
Calling all Birds to take flight.

Mother Earth is hurting.
And her shift we will feel.
Weather you worship the Sun, the Moon,
The Water, or Air.
Be you child of faith, education,
science, religion, or art.
Be you child of life, nurturing
heartbreak, or not.
Be you child of abuse or pain.
Be you child of glorified reign.
Mother is calling All of our names.

She is in need of help-
from her Sun and her Moon.
She is in need of help-
for her life to take bloom.
She cannot speak words
that the human can hear
She has to speak loudly
and she will speak clear.

Published by marcymuzny

Fun Lovin Momma to a wonderful toddler, 2 kitties, 1 fishy, and a Lab. Wife to a Hard Workin' Man. Love this life I have been blessed with and want to share with others

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