Pickle Party

Pickles ingredients in the Raw💚

Pickling- this is not a new concept. This is kind of like re-inventing the wheel and not at the same time. There are a ton of recipes listed out there for pickles so choose your path. You can grow a pickle garden, or buy veggies and make your own. You can buy your favorite from your favorite deli or farm shelf. You may travel the world and be a Pickle Perfectionist, and have grown up eating pickle juice snow cones. Or you may not like them. All is welcome here.

The ingredients to me are pretty amazing in their simple forms.


History – been in use for centuries and a go to for digestion and health issues in general. It is a product of fermentation made from grapes or rice.

Festival and Museum in Rosyln, South Dakota where the Vinegar Queen is crowned yearly. InternationalVinegarMuseum.com

Uses- So many. From digestion, to cleaning your home. It makes a natural cleaner for you home and body while not adding toxic chemicals to your environment. Dressings, Marinades, Pickling, Fermenting, Kombucha, Baths, and soaks.

Types- Red Wine, White, Apple Cider, Balsamic, Rice, Malt, and more. So great, and each is different and have wonderful uses.

Ways my Mom used it- made all our dressing in our home. Reduced Balsamic over chicken and veggies, made sliced cucumber and onion salads, and washed the chlorine green residue out of my hair from being a blond and swimming in our pool. Seen on a deep sea fishing boat labeled as “Sea Sick Pills”

Mustard Seed

History- Documented use for centuries. Globally

Museum of Mustard in Middleton, Wisconsin. Where it is named the “King of Condiments” MustardMuseum.com

Types- White, Yellow, Brown, Black

Uses- Grind into a powder , mix with vinegar and water to make homemade mustard and other spices and marinades.

Ways my Mom used it- I don’t think she made anything with it. I am sure she used mustard powder in soups and other things, but I do not remember seeing the seed this in our home.

Fresh Dill

History- Documented use for centuries. Globally

Festival- There is a Pickle Festival in Cleveland, Ohio Live Music, Pickle Eating Contest, Free Admission GreaterCleavelandvolunteers.org

Uses- Cure Salmon and other fish, dressings, breads, marinades, pickling. Antibacterial. helpful against staph and other ailments. Soothe digestion, antibacterial.

Ways my mom used it – Dill Bread, Dill Dressing, Pickled Cucumbers


History documented use for centuries. Globally

Festival Gilroy, California GilroyGarlicFestival.com

Think Garlic Fajitas and garlic Ice Cream

Uses aids in healing, digestion, antibacterial, and more. Heart friendly food.

Ways I use it- chop and roast in oil, chop roast, grind, whole, I friggin Love Garlic.


History documented use for centuries. Globally.

Ginger Festival is not about the Root exactly but about a Festival for Red Heads in Ireland. This makes me very happy.

Uses Heart and Stomach friendly.

I don’t remember ginger root growing up. It has really only been something I’ve seen more of once I started eating sushi and they put pickled ginger on the side.


History documented use for centuries. Globally

Festival of Tumeric, at the Jejuri temple in Pune. The town is covered in the Gold Tumeric to celebrate victory over demons.

Uses anti- inflammatory, anti- microbial, Heart friendly.

I do not remember using this spice much. We did not make currys growin up, and I have yet to try tumeric milk but I’ve heard many love and drink it. This is the first month I have had it in my house.


History Documented use for centuries- Comes in all colors from white – black- pink- red

Uses- aids digestion and even combines great to aid digestion of tumeric. they work together to help be an anti- inflammatory.

It was just one of those items that stood next to salt.

Celery Seed

History documented use for centuries.

Festival Black Celery Festival in Trevi, Italy.


Festival Weslaco, Texas & Vidalia, Georgia


Festival Grand Saline, Texas


Festival Clewiston Sugar Festival started as a means to celebrate the end of sugar cane harvest season.

So basically- This pickling stuff goes way back and for very great reasons. It actually has food in raw forms that come together that help the body to function. It worked together with harvest season to help us preserve our crops to last through the year. General Stores and Trading Posts were here for us to buy ingredients so we could preserve and store our harvest. Full of spices. Think Oregon Trail. Think No refrigeration. Have you ever traveled to a place with no refrigeration? The Markets on some other countries are wonderful, one of the things I’d like to have here is a great spice store with open baskets and barrels of spices just like those markets.

We started mass producing food items because we sent our men to war. Women entered the work force, and we needed to feed our men away from home. I would think that may be somewhat true for many generations over. But if we are saying PEACE, END WARS and save the planet, then there are some things we will need to shift back to. Cooking, Preserving, Farming, etc…….that all comes with this survival. Don’t be to cool to learn something your Grandparents would be proud of.

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