Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnet Seeds
Golden Spoon
Handmade Felt Flowers

Have you ever driven by a field of Texas Bluebonnets?

Everytime, I say how much I Love Them. They are so pretty, and I tell my husband that I want them at our home. They do not last very long. When they pop up, you will see all sorts of families pulled over taking their Annual Bluebonnet photo. We have yet to ever do this as a family.

They are the Texas State Flower and as a kid we were told it was illegal to pick them. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, there is no law against picking the flower. However, you cant just go trampsing on people’s private property to pick them, don’t dig up dirt, and some more stuff you can read about. Texas.gov

These seeds came from my Mother in Love’s Home. MIL aka Nonnie’s House. She lives in a beautiful home in Texas and she gave me these seeds. Funny- I have never thought about planting my own until this year.

Early October is best time to get them in the ground, according to Wildflower.org. Looks like an amazing project that I will do with my kiddo this year. Suggested to rub the seeds with sand paper and even freeze them, and then to pour boiling water on them! Evidently this is called to “Scarify the Seeds”. Ha Scarify. BOO!

I scarified you! Yes I agree, sand paper, freezing, and boiling water on me would Scarify the Bluebonnet out of me also. This sounds like a fun Halloween Project.

The Beautiful Felt Texas Bluebonnet was made here locally by a woman here in New Braunfels, Texas. I love them. This way I am able to have them in my home and even pair them in some gift baskets. That will make a great project or class as well!

The Golden Spoon, well that’s from my Mamaws Collection. My personal stash of beautiful and used hand ware utensils. To me the are art. They are not only Beauty, they have been held and used by so many Beautiful souls.

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