The Golden Lady

A few years back, visions of The Golden Lady came to me. I tried to paint her some but I am incomplete with that journey. I still see her forming in my mind. Turmeric seems to be calling me.

Her color is unlike many things. She is beautiful and smooth when dried and ground. When she is in her under ground Moon form she roots and gathers many nutrients from the earth and brings them upside, Sun side to bloom into a Beautiful Flower.

Her color is Golden and each year at the Bhandara Festival in Jejuri Maharashtra, the Golden Spice is thrown into the into the skies and covers the entire town, everyone and thing in gold. This is to celebrate Victories over Demons. In Celebration of the Sun God. Living in Texas all I can think about is that time of year when the pollen covers everything in Yellow. Or at parades when they throw Glitter and Sparkles into the sky….a Gold Firework.

Today I am making my very first Turmeric Tea. Starting in its simplest form of boil- simmer water and ground turmeric, add honey and lemon. Next will be making a form of turmeric chai tea I read about. Starting with plain bc I want to know what it tastes like and heard it was nice cold.

I held up a jar of tumeric the other to a kiddo that comes to our home. He said, Is that Macaroni and Cheese powder? I giggled, but he is so correct. From the mouths of babes. For many years Mac and Cheese powder version had a Yellow or color dye in the powder. Now they have switched many to contain turmeric and paprika. Same for jars of pickles. Some contain the Yellow dye, and some contain tumeric. Read the boxes and jars of the foods you purchase. Just start becoming aware.

Why turmeric? You can read about it in many books, blogs, and magazines. It has been around and stood the test of time. No matter how much someone tells you its good for you, tastey and easy to make…no one but YOU can choose to try it.

Try it in a curry, especially made by someone that has love in their heart…..you will be a fan.

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It was actually perfect just tumeric and water

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