Her Majesty Queen Clove

A Clove.

A Clove of…

Lets talk about the Queen of Clove.

Evidently, she has been around for a very long time.

One of the first to be traded.

At one point, she was so sought after that she was considered to be ” Worth her weight in gold”. There is a great read on which they dive deeper into history, uses, and more. I had been researching clove for a bit, but when I read the story about Magellan’s ship returning to Spain and they all wanting the Nutmeg and Clove on board, it clicked for me. The Pirates Booty and Treasure did not have to actually be Gold and Gems, but it could be spices and other beauties.

This intrigued me so I read on. The Clove is Native to the Molucca Islands….Spice Islands. Each Evergreen Tree that produces the clove, is planted there to signify the Birth of a Child. The Life of the child is connected to the Life of the Tree. How Beautiful. How Sad and Terrifying for a People when others came and started burning down trees to control the Spice Trade and prices.This is what led me to read on more about the Spice Wars. What? These stories span over a 60 year war to include stories of the Kingdom of Kandy, and The Sugar War. Wow. How rude of me to just grab a spice, and use it without knowing its History and Story of how it got in my home. How many Loves Lost due to the individual seeds and grains of spice in my hands.

Her Majesty Queen Clove- Well, looks like she helped start some pretty big events. I am not sure who she is, I do not know the first man or woman that used this and discovered its healing and nutritional properties. To my knowledge there Is not a Clove Festival each year where they celebrate its History. I feel like in many ways these Wars shaped a lot of what we see today. Very interesting journey.

How do you use Clove? Have you ever held one? Have you ever tried to grind it yourself and make a Chai Tea from scratch? When you do….think about each spice that goes into the brew. Think about all the stories that come together into that one cup of tea. Drink it in. Breathe it in. Share it and make it for others. Invite them in. Use the strength of their journey to fuel yours.

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Chai Basket
Dominican Handmade Tea Pot

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