Lady Cinnamon

Why Lady Cinnamon, I had no idea.

They kept your whereabouts hidden to protect you.

There were amazing stories told about you to keep people away. “True Cinnamon” Cinnamomum Verum ~ was said to be guarded by winged serpants ~ dragons. These serpants were referred to by Aristotle, and Herodutus as Cinnamon Birds.

This is Amazing to me. Cinnamon Birds?!?!

The old story goes …. There were these Giant Cinnamon Birds and they made their nest of large cinnamon trees and sticks. The Natives would cut large animals to attract the birds, and they would fly the heavy meat to the nest. The nests would become so full that they would fall off the cliff and the tribe would collect all the broken bits off the ground below.

Egypt – well there you were used in embalming mummies.

Jean de Joinville told people you were fished out of the nets at the source of the Nile.

This was all done to protect the source and to control the spice trade. After they controlled the monopoly for years, cinnamon began being harvested elsewhere. I wonder what it was like for the people of Sri Lanka. Were they hurt to control this cost?

In a video, I watched a man chop the sticks down by hand with a machete, and hand strip the outside of the tree. Then peel layers of the bark off and leave to them to dry. I’ve seen cinnamon several times, used the ground cinnamon my entire life, never have I really thought about the fact that it was a tree. A tree that someone looked at and said, I bet I can make one of the worlds most sought after spices there is. I wonder what the first use of that spice was like. I have much more respect for Lady Cinnamon after spending this time studying her journey.

Thank you to all who have personally touched this spice and brought it forth to the world. May we use it with good intentions and it bring warm spirits to our homes.

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Cinnamon Sticks

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