Mommas Lemonade

Momma’s Lemonade

Happy July 4th and Happy Summer and Happy New Moon!

Here is a new Lemonade that my toddler helped me make and we both enjoyed him drinking. I have been on a journey this week and learning all about spices. Today I was spending the day with Lady Ginger, and made Ginger Tea/ Water this morning.

I set aside and put in fridge. Later a friend, asked me about turmeric tea. I made that, and set aside. Then my kiddo asked me for lemonade. I thought…hey….maybe this will work.

Honey+ Lemon+ Ginger+ Turmeric+ Water=

Momma’s Lemonade

He drank it and I did! No JOKE- When he drank it he said “MOM, This is a Magical Drink! It makes your food come back to your mouth”. After everything that I have been learning this week about The Golden Lady of Turmeric, Lady Ginger, and the Spice Wars…I LOVE That his reaction was this.

Their History runs deep and is truly Magical!

Add Strawberries and Blueberries for Holiday and Season Joy!

#MommaMarcy #QueenofHearts #Lemonade

#July #MagicalDrink #Unicorn #GoldenSpoon #GoldenLady #LadyGinger

Momma’s Lemonade
Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon, Honey, Water.

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