Lady Ginger

What do you think of when you hear the word Ginger?

Red Heads? Gilligan’s Island? Sushi?

All of these are true.

When I started reading about Ginger, I didn’t think it would get me on the Elizabethan Era but I have been in the Land of Kings and Queens with Ginger for days now.

Ginger has long been around, and used many centuries for medicinal and digestion aid. The term “give it some zing” comes from something inside ginger called Zingibain. It is the part in Ginger that aids with the digestion of protein. No wonder it is served with sushi. This is making me want to do an entire series on condiments, garnishes, and why they actually exist. Ginger has been around to aid the digestion of protein. Wow. Makes perfect since as to why it was made into Ginger~Ale, and Ginger~Beer. All of that aids in digestion. I believe where some error comes in to the picture is when Soda Companies say they are a Ginger Ale- but when you read the label it is made with Ginger Flavor and High Fructose Corn Syrup. I do not believe that is the intention of Ginger Ale. Histories of Sodas and ingredients, well that’s a whole ‘nother series.

Queen Elizabeth I of England, was the first to serve the Ginger Bread Man cookie to some guests. I find this fascinating. The child in me sees Shrek, and Cinderella in my mind. Queen Elizabeth I, lost her mother when she was under 3. She was not in line to be Queen as there were several in line before her. She became Queen when she was 25, and chose to Rule by Good, and ruled for 44 years. It was she, that helped bring the Ginger Bread Man to life! ….But Who made them? Where did she see them? Were they in a market? who were her chefs? Ginger Bread had been around quite awhile before her reign.

Did you know they still serve Ginger Bread Christmas cookies at the Royal Palace? Is it the same recipe? Wow.

Ginger Beer aids in digestion and uses Ginger, sugar, yeast, and fermentation. Would be great to celebrate the Ginger Festival in Ireland while drinking a ginger beer! They were served in pharmacies and drug stores….hence the old soda fountain shops.

The part of digestion and wellness I think many miss, is when we started mass producing many of these items. It expanded and they keep growing brands but didn’t have enough product to actually follow though. Mass production is important for many things, but it also cuts out on the part of service that aids in digestion. Imagine someone coming in and talking to the person behind the counter, we mix a fresh Ginger Ale for you and talk. All that plays into public health.

Its not just a pill or a supplement.

Look into the old art of making tea and sharing it with a guest in your HOME. Ginger Tea is a GREAT place to start.

Buy 1 root. Just 1.

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Ginger Root
Peel it with a spoon

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