Moving Movie

T-shirt Fundraiser

Today is a Great Day.

Today, I have the pleasure of taking my 3 year old to his VERY FIRST MOVIE Outing. We are headed to see Toy Story 4 at a Fundraiser at Alamo Draft House.

He and I have been talking about it for days. I just picked out his clothes, while he is napping. Thank goodness for his nap, so we can both in a better place. I’m not quite sure if he will make it through the entire movie, but oh well….we got to start some day. TODAY is That Day.

As I am getting ready, I am overwhelmed by tears. I look at my sweet boy napping, and look at the cute clothes I’ve chosen for him and can’t help but think about the fact that somewhere in this town, is another Mom….Also picking out clothes for her son to go to this movie. Only for her, she is bringing her son to the movie tonight because the Fundraiser is in his honor and to support their family. My Sons First Movie Outing, may be one her Sons Last Movie Outings. He was recently sent home from St. Jude’s and is currently in need of a miracle. Tonight’s Event is to help celebrate this summer with his family and to help make their time together more enjoyable and feel supported by a community.

I have raised money for St. Jude’s for along time. We did it at my last job. I would rally my teams, and come up with contests to get all excited to help raise money. Not gonna lie, on many days I felt like I didn’t do enough. I have seen families come and talk to groups before, but never have I had the pleasure of joining a family at the movies with their child. This will be a night of several Firsts, and several Lasts.

Isaac wants to be a United States Army Soldier when he grows up. Tonight they had him inducted into the Army by the Commander and crew. They gave him a camo jacket with his name on it and you could see the joy in his face.

One of the things this child has wanted to see in his life is SNOW. Its July – In Texas…..and I hear that tonight…There Will Be Snow. I am very honored to be a part of this event.

If it can Snow in Texas in July…..then I pray more Miracles can come to this family.

Thank you Abbie, and Moms of New Braunfels for loving others the way you do.

Thank you to the many Sponsors of tonight and to the MANY Hands that Have and Will Continue to given Love to this Family.

#MommaMarcy #QueenofHearts #Love #Miracles

#MoNB #StJudes

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