Snowflake French Press
Golden Holiday Spoon
Coffee Beans Whole
& Ground


I didn’t drink it as a kid, and I remember my Mother’s “coffee breath”. Ha. Love you, Mom. I drink it plenty now as a Mom, so I get it.

Often, I see the coffee drinks now and I think they look like cakes in a cups. Or a Dessert Drive thru. Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE ME Some Frozen Espresso with Dark Chocolate and whipped cream on top…..and I LOVE The Heavy Cream we serve at the Café with Our Buttermilk Coffee. Doesn’t mean the cream is good for me though. But, I do Love it!

Have you ever take the time to look at the History of Coffee? Where it came from? How did THIS SPECIFIC Cup that you are drinking come together? Did the Cinnamon Birds add to the story that you are drinking? Did the Chocolate or Vanilla Bean grow just perfectly to arrive in your cup? Who picked them? When? How did they travel? By air, rail, or road?

The Bean I use in my home, is also sold at my families café in the town that we live. Through following the History of this bean I was able to meet the Grandson, to the Founder of the Company that supplies our coffee. The Pride that I saw in him when he told me about how when he was young, he would go to service the Coffee Machines with his grandfather. The Company was Founded in the 1920s. Its an honor to serve good coffee, from good people, made by good people, served with Love to good people.

This particular Bean we serve is Colombian.

Wow…..I have Never Been There…..but somehow the ground grew a bean….and it traveled all the way to my HANDS. I have the Honor of caring for it. I think of Jack and the Beanstalk….and how his 5 little Beans Grew into a Giant Bean Stalk that Grew High Into the Sky where the Giants live. A Bean Can Dream. It can Be ANY THING It wants to Be.

Coffee can save, Coffee Talks are Important. It is a great way to unite and talk and offer comfort…so is Tea…The History on Tea….Wow…I am in Love with this Study of the Beauty Around Us.

Think about how many people we could help just by taking the time to Gather for a Great Cup of Coffee.

Order your coffee from our Family

Thank You. #MommaMarcy #QueenofHearts #Coffee #Cafe #GoldenSpoon #ChristmasinJuly

The Holiday Golden Spoon

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