Coffee…. I didn’t drink it as a kid, and I remember my Mother’s “coffee breath”. Ha. Love you, Mom. I drink it plenty now as a Mom, so I get it. Often, I see the coffee drinks now and I think they look like cakes in a cups. Or a Dessert Drive thru. Don’t get […]


What do you think of when you hear the word Ginger? Red Heads? Gilligan’s Island? Sushi? All of these are true. When I started reading about Ginger, I didn’t think it would get me on the Elizabethan Era but I have been in the Land of Kings and Queens with Ginger for days now. Ginger […]


Why Lady Cinnamon, I had no idea. They kept your whereabouts hidden to protect you. There were amazing stories told about you to keep people away. “True Cinnamon” Cinnamomum Verum ~ was said to be guarded by winged serpants ~ dragons. These serpants were referred to by Aristotle, and Herodutus as Cinnamon Birds. This is […]