Was not expecting this color when I picked up cantaloupe seeds

CAN’T- ELOPE……that’s what I heard when I was young.

How Sad…they Can’t Elope.

I envision some love affair like Romeo and Juliet in the Melon Land Days of Old. Good Morrow, cousin.

I’ve seen it served in chunks, bits, balls, on sticks, and as water. It has been around for along time. Even been referred to as the Spanish Bacon.

Its kind of that fruit that’s always out at breakfast buffets. Just bc its always been out at breakfast buffets. Its easy to slice. Its sweet. But when I saw the guys in the kitchen make Melon Water, that’s when I thought it all made more sense. It was replenishing and great for dehydration. Packed with vitamins and minerals, and mostly water anyway, blend it with water and drink it down. Make a Popsicle. Same for Watermelon. Very good.

What a great way to use this item. I will admit when I picked up the seeds I was taken back by the color. Do yours look like this? Show me your seeds! We did not plant them this year, but want to grow melon and pumpkins soon!

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Simple Summer Salad

Romaine Lettuce Leaf
Seasonal Texas Peaches
Farm Ripened Strawberry
House Made Red Wine Vinegarette

Do you enjoy salad? Did you eat it as a kid? Lately, the Salad Bar has been on my mind. I used to LOVE to go to eat at this place growing up. They had the BEST Salad Bar. I believe it may have been where it was invented. They had ICE Cold Plates. It was so fun to be seated in your cool little table and then after we would order our meals…we got to get up and GO TO the Salad Bar. I feel funny saying it but— The Salad Bar may just be common practice now. Maybe you grew up in the day where a Salad Bar has always existed…..Well…in MY Day…..It didn’t. Lately, I have noticed some pretty SAD Salad Bars. Neglected bagged produce, pre cut, and put into not so pretty dishes on average plates. I have kinda felt bad for the Salad Bar Inventor. Is this what he would want?

Anyhow….here’s my Ode’ To Salad today by taking the time to hand tear romaine lettuce, slice 3 strawberrys, and a bit of peach. Dressing Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Water, Seasonings. Beauty. Simple. Fresh. Someone planted each seed, nurtured each piece of fruit, and cared for heads of lettuce…. that dared to grow up from the ground reaching for the sun, breathing the oxygen. We are what we eat. I Eat Love That was Given to Us by this Wonderful World We Live In.

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The Healing Power of Touch, Sound, Smell, and Love

Lemon Crown of Cloves

Healing Love

Once Upon a time, there was a healer. She was in study with her practice for over 20 years before she unlocked a secret. Combining her years of study and experience, she created a wonderful healing massage and service that I truly feel the world needs to know about.

The Healing Power of Touch

I have experienced forms of touch. Kind touch, Loving touch, Traumatic touch….. having Healing Hands on you is an important part of my healing journey. Being able to lay in a room, eyes closed, naked…. relaxed, while allowing her to massage my body and talk to me through the process is healing. She applies Hot stones, crystals, warm towels, and tells me about each oil she is applying and why. This helps me to listen, and learn how to relax; as she takes the wheel and learns my body and what it tells her. She washes my feet, my hands, my face, my back, my arms….. Each touch sends its own message to my body. Its own frequency…

The Healing Power of Sound

Playing in the room are sounds of Kundalini Artists playing music. I lay on my back, eyes closed, and covered with a soft heavy blanket. She has tuning forks, that she taps onto the block in her hand. It makes a sound and a vibration. She holds them close to each ear and then taps again as she runs the fork over my body. I feel the frequency in the vibration and it picks up the pain in my leg, and in my throat. I tell her this, and I can see her brain processing what to do next. She taps again with the other fork and waves it over my body, and next to my ears. Each Tuning fork emits its own frequency.

The Healing Power of Smell

In her room, it smells of oils. She applies a Rain Drop Technique to my feet and spine. She tells me what each oil is and why she is applying each to me. I can feel them enter my body and go where she intended them to go. She massages my feet, legs, arms, back, head, and face. I breathe in deeply and let the healing take its form. Each Oil emits its own frequency.

The Healing Power of Love

To allow someone to touch my body in this way, requires a sense of safety and security. If she were to choose to violate my space in some way, I am vulnerable lying on her table. There Must be a Form of Love and Respect in the room for the Healing to even begin to work. The Way she Pours Love into my Soul, takes something out of her as well. She also absorbs, what I have and using protection for herself. Each Form of Love….emits its own frequency.


I’m sure there is more information that can be drawn from this, but for now..lets start with this basic read. In its simple form. Everything emits a frequency. What is yours?

I chose to write about this for many reasons. Mostly because, I feel that having this relationship in my journey has helped me in several ways. This specific healing session that she and I have been forming is meant to be shared with others. It is the Unicorn of Massages. Made with Rare Oils, that the Oilers call Unicorn Oils. #UnicornOils #UnicornMassage I am a Chefs Kid, Grew up with Golden Spoon in my mouth. I have a taste for fine quality food, travel, and spa. I also have a strong passion for helping others through the Beautiful Trauma that is Life. I feel very much fulfillment working with other Businesses and Non Profits to work together to help create a better tomorrow. We have employed many in the states of Texas and Oklahoma going back over 70 years. I feel strongly I am here to help be a Dot Connector. #MommaMarcy


The Golden Spoons

This week has been full of lessons. Old ones popping up as new. I have been searching for the secret in this world and turns out there are many surprises right in front of you.

My Mamaw has these Golden Spoons. We used them for years for holidays and gatherings. This week I had the honor of hosting a #PickleParty and at the last minute I grabbed my Mamaws spoons to take with me. I had the class hold the spoons and use them as we discussed the spices for pickling and all the healing properties in each spice.

The first spice that we spoke about was the Mustard Seed. I had plenty of trouble finding this particular spice. We ordered it from our purveyor and it didn’t come in! It made me look into mustard seed a bit more and in doing so I found out it was in the bible! The parable says that the Mustard seed is the smallest of the seeds planted but it grows into the largest tree for the birds high above to gather on. Wow…the smallest seed. When was the last time you held a mustard seed and gave it one minute of your time. Either looking at it, feeling it, or thinking about what it could become. I had a buddy that used to laugh at me bc I if I dropped one bit of food on the ground I would feel sorry for it. I told him, Oh No —that poor pea wont be able to grow up to become all it wanted to be.

I guess I have felt this way for awhile. Each seed, and person on this planet was made with a purpose. when was the last time you gave yourself time to reflect on you and what you could become?

Who told a seed it couldn’t grow up into something more?

Who told a spoon it shouldn’t be beautiful?

I’m here to help bring Beauty and Awareness to many people and places. Lets have fun sharing Love and Joy through food, history, and travel.

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Marcy the Muze

Greetings to all of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and to the many of you whom I hope to meet.

My name is Marcy Muzny. My bloodline runs deep with restaurant owners and business owners. I have been blessed with this life full of history and love….and food. I am one of the those lucky kids that grew up in a food family. We were taken out to eat and to chef conventions and food shows from an early age.

I choose to share here in Blog form to help bring awareness to the many struggles that face business owners and the restaurant industry. I will review great products, menus, travel, and spas.

I hope to help bring awareness by working together with business and non profits to help ease some stress form being alone in this journey.